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I have published scientific articles mostly in Russian; some of them were translated into English. I have published in the journals Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR, Uspekhi Mathematicheskih Nauk, Technicheskaya Kibernetika, Matematicheskoye Modelirovaniye, Obozrenie Prikladnoy i Promyshlennoy Matematiki, Priblry i Sistemy Upravleniya, Sovetskoye Zdravookhraneniye, Zdravookhraneniye Rossiyskoy Federatsii, and Gigiena i Sanitariya—leading Soviet scientific journals in the fields of pure mathematics, applied mathematics, control theory, computer science, public health, philosophy of medicine, and environmental health.


All articles published in the most prestigious Soviet and Russian scientific journal, Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR--Doklady Rossiyskoy Akademii Nauk are regularly translated into English and published in the USA in different journals. So three of my articles in Doklady were translated and published in the journal Soviet Physics—Doklady. (Translations of all articles from section of Cybernetics and Control Theory of Doklady Akademii Nauk are published in Soviet Physics—Doklady, because majority of articles in that section were about applications of mathematical methods in physic). Here are the references:


Zhornitskii A.B. New method of studying the effect of environmental pollution factors on morbidity indices, Soviet Physics—Doklady, 36 (6), June 1991, pp 417-419.


Zhornitskii A. B. New set of models for the control goal function in public health, Soviet Physics—Doklady, 37 (2), February 1992, pp 60-62.


Zhornitskii A. B. A new method of constructive description of the basic schema in medical cybernetics, Physics—Doklady, 38 (5), May 1993, pp 173-175.


I have never changed my name. In all of my official documents in the USA my last name is Jornitski. (This is how my last name was transliterated by Soviet passport services; at that time those services used French transliteration.) But people and organizations which translated my articles into English have transliterated my name as Zhornitskii—this is a standard English transliteration. My first name has also been transliterated as Alexandre and my last name as Jornitsky.


At the beginning of the 1990s it become easier to go from the USSR for international scientific conferences. So this is another reference:


Jornitski A. B., Tsurkov V. I. Investigations of dependencies in the USSR state computer information system “Population Health—Environment”.  Lecture Notes in Medical Informatics. Medical Informatics Europe 1991. Proceedings, Vienna, Austria, August 1991, pp 683-686.


Altogether I have published 54 articles in ten different academic disciplines. But soon after I moved from Moscow to New York City in 1993, I stopped writing them.


When on October 22, 1993, my flight from Moscow landed at JFK, my plan was simple: I hoped to achieve fame as a scientist with scientific results I had already published, and I thought that after I achieved fame people would forgive me for solving the biggest problem ever—the problem of the ultimate meaning of life. But very soon I figured out that to achieve fame would take the rest of my life, and maybe the rest of my life would not be enough. So imagine the terror with which I sat down in March 1996 to write my first book titled Formula for the Meaning of Life (in Russian). That was 2½ years after I came to the States; the process of adaptation was very harsh for me. Of course, writing was after work. About the same time I finished writing academic articles. The last article I participated in was published in 1997.



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